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School safety

Snapchat shooting

School safety

As the last student ran through the door, they rushed to their seat; the teacher closed the door firmly. Making sure the door was shut behind them. A person posted a shooting threat for Monday, Oct 25, 2021, to Saginaw high school. The threat was stated to occur at 3:30 pm. Students at Saginaw high school passed this information on snapchat during their third period trying to help students stay on the edge.
“I have definitely noticed an increase in school violence” freshman Jolexis Camacho said as he described the rise.

Since the opening of school Monday, Aug. 16, 2021, there have been numerous fights on campus. While fighting in high school has been seen in the past, the number this year has increased dramatically.
“This year alone and its only November I've probably witnessed a lot more than I have in all my years of school,” senior Landon Barron said.

As the years have gone by in school violence has increased as well. School threats are not as rare. “School violence has become very common to be honest I feel like school violence has been normalized,” said Camacho.

“It's sad to say but it's almost as if I've become accustomed to that type of feeling I'm kind of used to it at this point” Barron added. 74% of parents that have enrolled their children in elementary and high school have reported the schools to seem less safe.

School violence has increased to the point where it has been seen as a less alarming event. Increase in school fights has also been majorly reported. As well as bullying and verbal abuse.

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