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Abbot Signs Voting Bill

By: Landon Barron

Sep 14, 2021

Texas governor signs law that ends 24-hour voting.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed off on restrictions on voting laws on Tuesday, September 7th. These laws are destined to increase the difficulty on voting, and Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias has stated that Texas will be sued over them. These laws enact the restriction of 24-hour voting, limiting voting times to only be from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. Other voting techniques such as drive-thru voting, which gained a rise in popularity during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and voting by unsolicited mail-in ballots will also be banned through any election. The new Texas voting bill requires monthly voter checks. The future of voting in Texas is uncertain, but definitely up for a change. Whether it lasts or not relies on the people of Texas.

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