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Blood, Gore, and More! - A "Halloween Kills" Review

New "Halloween" movie lacking.

Blood, Gore, and More! - A "Halloween Kills" Review

With much anticipation leading up to this sequel, Halloween Kills picks right back up where it’s last movie left off. This violent film kicks off with a scene involving Michael Myers himself, and a squad of firefighters. Right off the bat, you can tell this continuation of The Shape’s legacy is not for the easily queasy, to say the least. For most diehard Halloween fans though, that seems to be the only appealing factor.

Many critics have described this 2nd entry of this confirmed trilogy to be full of fluff.

“If this movie was an anime, it would’ve been considered a filler episode because that’s exactly what it is,” explained RendyReviews in a recent review online.

It’s as if David Gordon Green and Danny McBride went to their drawing boards in a rush and slapped together a compilation of murders performed by Michael Myers, in which most of the victims explode. Literally, the residents of Haddonfield in this movie are like walking bags of gore that just explode.

I’ll admit, the writers and directors succeeded in the sense that they got pretty creative with the way they went about killing off cast members. As far as a plot goes though? The movie feels like it got almost nowhere in terms of moving forward with the story.

What confuses me most is the lack of screen time by Laurie Strode (played by Jamie Lee Curtis), who is arguably the most important character within the franchise. Throughout the duration of this movie, she quite literally does nothing. I mean, just at the prequel’s conclusion, she was wounded by a kitchen knife to the stomach, so I guess it makes sense? She needs to recover, I get it, but her lack of contribution even verbally can be questionable.

I’d say if you want a movie with lots of gore and violence, then this is the perfect movie for you. Otherwise, I’d suggest waiting it out until the trilogy comes to a close, you wouldn’t be missing much honestly.

I graciously grant Halloween Kills a score of 5/10.

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