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Neither Sign Is The Right Sign

Gender-neutral restrooms need to be implemented into public bathrooms.

Neither Sign Is The Right Sign

Every person should have access to a designated bathroom where they feel comfortable. Offering a gender-neutral restroom accessible to all would create an accepting and welcoming environment.

Installing an inclusive bathroom is crucial. We must remind society that there are people that do not identify as either male or female. No matter the location, everyone should feel secure and accepted with their identity.

There are people who identify as non-binary—meaning they do not identify as a man or a woman. Some identify as transgender, genderfluid, or genderqueer. By only offering male and female restrooms, Christina Jones, chief people officer at New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center, says that “you could be forcing people to make a choice that doesn’t necessarily align with their gender identity in order to use the restroom, which is a basic human need.”

Every public place should be diverse and value every individual, regardless of gender.

While some believe that inclusive restrooms would bring consequences, as they could be vandalized or taken advantage of, people can take precautions by checking the restrooms before entering and locking the doors. Locations with these restrooms can also prevent wrongdoing by installing cameras outside of the facilities. Poor decisions made by a small number of people should not suppress others from being accepted.

There are laws put in place to stop discrimination of race, disability, and sex. Why are we still only offering restrooms to men and women? This is an issue that must be put to an end by offering gender neutral restrooms.

Every workplace, school, and public area must take the proper steps to inclusion by offering easily accessible gender-neutral restrooms, which will then, in turn, show respect and acceptance to those who don’t fit the gender binary.

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