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Buy a Senior AD in the Saginaw High School 2021-22 Yearbook



Choose Photos

Check our RR policies to learn what we are allowed to print and what we are not allowed to print. All professional images from the photo studio require a copyright agreement. T

Photos allowed per ad:

Full Page 15

Half Page 7

Quarter Page 3

School teams, groups or clubs may be purchased by parent organization or sponsor.


Write a Message

Check your message for faults in a word processing program. We'll run everything you send us. To make room for additional photos, keep the words to a minimum. We are unable to publish song lyrics or poetry due to copyright constraints. The use of Bible verses is permissible.


The cost of the ad does not include the yearbook. You can either continue shopping or go back to to purchase a yearbook. To save money, use the promo code “........”. Optionally, you can add more options.


Image Quality

Make sure your photos are scanned at at-least 300 dpi if you want them to look great. Scan your images at any store photo department. Photographs and digital images from cameras can be submitted. Photos taken with older cell phones may be pixelated when printing at 300 dpi.  Screenshots taken using a phone or computer will not be accepted. Email yourself the photo file from your phone, then upload it to yearbookforever.


Log on to and search for Saginaw High School once you have your images, a written message, and a credit card for payment (IN TEXAS NOT MICHIGAN). Fill out the form and send it in along with your materials and payment.


Wait for Your Proof

Within a month, you'll receive an emailed proof of your ad. If you don't, please email our Advisor Jennifer Bass at or Editor-N-Chief Antonio Burriel at right away. Please send any corrections to "email" after you receive the proof.


• All advertisements must be purchased online.

• Song lyrics, poetry, and other published items may not be used due to copyright constraints. The use of Bible verses is permissible.

• To avoid copyright infringement, each shot from a professional studio must be accompanied by a letter of release from the portrait studio.

• For the sake of brevity, the content may be modified.

• All advertisements are printed in full color.

• Upload digital photos at a resolution of 300 dpi. ​

• Students from SHS Rough Rider Media will design the ads.

• Photo collages and cut-out photographs are not acceptable.


• The Rough Rider yearbook will not print photos of nudity or partial nudity at any age, unlawful actions, or any other item deemed unsuitable. On a case-by-case basis, SHS administration will make the final decision on inappropriateness.

• There can only be one student per ad; no ads can be combined (only siblings may be grouped)

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