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Cowboys Prevent Washington’s Comeback

A close game between the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Football Team cuts Washington from a secure lead.

Cowboys Prevent Washington’s Comeback

The Dallas Cowboys secured a win against the Washington Football Team in their most recent match, occurring on Dec. 12, 2021. The final score was 27-20.

The Cowboys prevented Washington from developing an assertive lead and making a comeback, cushioning their NFC lead with a decisive win.

The head coach, Mike McCarthy, satisfied the team’s goal of winning. The game marked the return of starting defensive linemen Randy Gregory and Neville Gallimore.

The game for Washington was a matter of making a comeback, but they were diminished under the pressure of the Cowboys’ rigorous defense.

In a game determining the placement of the two teams in the division and the conference, the intensity of the game ran high. Both teams knew this game had the potential to send a message.

A fight between Ezekiel Eliott and La’el Collins erupted as Eliott pushed Bradley-King away from the quarterback, Dak Prescott.

The conflict was mitigated as Collins was ejected after punching a player on the Washington team and players were separated.

After the game, head coach McCarthy would go on to praise Collins for protecting Prescott when addressing his ejection from the game.

He returned to the conference podium to clarify that he did not know about the punch.

“That was definitely not the response you would expect,” McCarthy said. The Cowboys were penalized 15 yards, leaving them with a kick that set them at 27-8.

Washington scored a touchdown and reduced the Cowboys’ assertive lead to 27-20. The Cowboys withstood the commotion to secure a win, cooling the comeback with their defense

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